Saturday, November 19, 2011

Let download some vids

Readers, Bloggers, stalkers xD before you read anything please be remind that this will only work for those who use Mozilla Firefox.

So IE or Google Chrome users, so sorry about that. However, if you want to use Mozilla as well, download it here FIREFOX! ^^

Ok, ready guys? Click read more below :P

First and for most, of course, open your Mozilla Firefox. ( Make sure it is updated to the latest version )

Now, what you have to do is click " Firefox " tab at upper - left corner of your screen

and click " add-on "

within the " get add-on " page , by using the search function at upper-right corner of the page,

search for "Down them All " and click enable

then Down them All container

lastly, flashgot

now that you have all of this "add-ons" lets give it a try.
Search for any video you like. Play it and let it stream.

Then, right-click and click " flashGot media "

then this window will appear.

save files in : location of your file

renaming mask : name of your file

then click start and your video will be downloaded.

That is all for me. * take note that this add on can be used to download any files.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day and Smile everyone ^_^

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