Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Photoscape : Changing your background

What do I mean changing the background???? Ok here is some demo

Original picture: 

 edited picture:

" Hah, photoshop. "
No no no, read the title, I use Photoscape.

Yes photoscape. We can really use photoscape to change the background of our picture.
Here is some step by step tutorial for you to try on.

First of all, open your photoscape and go to editor

Then you will be at editor interface

First of all, choose the picture you want to try on.


For this tutorial, I choose Naga ( because it is so cute :P :P )

what we should do next is, click object ---> photo 
then choose the picture with background you want to use

For this tutorial, I choose ASEAN map

next resize the background picture ( ASEAN map ) so it is the same size as the first picture ( Naga)

then put it exactly at the side of first picture ( Naga )

so it would look like this.

then click " photo+object " button

next, go to tool ---> clone stamp

Brief explanation for clone stamp. It works like copy and paste, however not for words but some parts of picture. You can choose your size by using up and down arrow, move it with mouse, and stamp with left click.

This tool will copy point A and paste at Point B.
So what need to do is made those point first.

the use your mouse and left click..

( please zoom in for better result ) 
well don't care about zooming if your eyes are great

end result will look like this

what we should do next is go to crop tab

then select your the part you want to keep
( obviously Naga right?? yay Naga!! *thumbs up)

 bright area is the part you want to keep.

last but not least, click crop and save.

so we are done! yay!!!

Naga!! <3

if my tutorial was not clear, try this video tutorial 
( not by me of course )

Of course most of people use photoshop but I photoscape is free and easy to use so have fun :)

what??!! you don't have photoscape?
It's ok, I prepared download link to you

Any question?? Feel free to ask me :D


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