Saturday, November 12, 2011

Registering Maxis Cyberkids Portal

I made this post specially for my friend in SMK KS. So here goes..

First and formost
Go this website :

then you will be sent to the home page 

 at the home page, click the happening tab

then you will be sent to this page

To register click

You will be sent to the user info

Now fill your user information

make sure you filled everything.

Then agree with terms and conditions and click next

You will be then asked to choose your profile type

Select this

and click next at bottom left corner

Then you will be sent to basic info page

Before you do anything make sure on
* How did you connected to this portal

you choose this one

Then fill the rest of the required field
and finish it all by clicking register
now back to this page

and login with the your username and password 
then you will be able to explore this great website

have fun eveyone.

Any question? Feel free to ask me :D


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